Mike Morrison

Mike Morrison is a host, writer, speaker, podcaster, and community builder.

From part-time blogger to full-time business owner, Mike can spot a great story from a kilometre (or a province) away, and is uniquely skilled as an interviewer in getting to the heart of the story — the people. A charismatic host and accomplished speaker, Mike is passionate about helping businesses find ways to be profitable while doing good for their communities.

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Host, Speaker, Influencer, and Moderator

Mike is an experienced speaker and host, and has worked with organizations ranging from large conferences and corporate employee events to small business groups and non-profit fundraisers.

Mike has the unique perspective of being a blogger-turned-small-business-owner and an outspoken advocate for LGBTQ+ rights. His presentations focus on the ways in which businesses can be profitable while doing good for their communities.

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Mike Morrison

Founder, Bloggity Inc.

"I believe that the internet is the great equalizer. I work to help bring amazing educational experiences and stories to Canadians through events like SocialWest and SocialAtHome, my blog, podcasts and social media channels."

Mike is from Fredericton, NB and spent most of his career in Calgary, AB, enjoying the mountains and bike infrastructure. He currently lives in Halifax, NS, with his partner Richard, his dog Boogie and his cat Mindy.